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Lifecycle Replacement in the Cloud

Lifecycle Planning, Even in the Cloud? Yes!

I’m sure you have heard us talk about the importance of lifecycle replacement planning. It continues to be a worthwhile approach to reduce disruption and downtime to your business, but many don’t take time to do it. With more emphasis on the cloud, the idea of lifecycle replacement is even less of a priority. What if I said you need to evaluate the lifecycle of your cloud too?
Ryan Pieken
July 13, 2020
Types of Managed IT Services
Managed Services

Types of Managed IT Services

We’ve talked before about what managed IT services is and how it can benefit organizations. It’s remote technology management and monitoring, which can lead to improved IT stability, cost savings, budget predictability, and better security. Now we want to go back to fundamentals: What types of managed services are there?
OXEN Technology
June 8, 2020