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Discover CIO Services: IT Leadership Consulting for Business Success

IT leadership for business success

Our Shared CIO Role Works for You

With the integration of technology into every aspect of our lives, having an IT perspective involved in business decisions makes sense.

OXEN’s Chief Information Office (CIO) Services are about leveraging our IT knowledge to help your business succeed. This consultative service provides a new perspective to your business, bringing a solid IT and cybersecurity foundation to the business discussion.

Cybersecurity tips for the workplace

With our CIO Services, we want to bring technology & cybersecurity into your business discussion.

Objectives of CIO Services

Our Shared CIO role is a consultant who sits on your side of the table. This role helps lead and shape your discussions and strategies for the best IT solutions and implementation strategies.

Our aim is to develop a close relationship with a long-term perspective for your organization.

  • Analyze your current technology infrastructure and align it with your business’s strategic plans.
  • Develop a communication system for you, including network infrastructure, wide area connectivity, etc.
  • Work with your IT staff and/or OXEN staff to develop and implement new technologies.
  • Provide technology training for your staff.
  • Improve the security of your business’s IT assets.
  • Develop IT policies around security and acceptable use.
  • Work closely with your organization’s leadership to create strategic plans for future growth.
  • Establish your IT department’s goals and objectives.

Already have your technology covered? Try a cybersecurity focus!

If your IT department has your technology strategy covered, our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services may be better positioned to help you with a cybersecurity focus.

Our CISO Services focus on much needed people-focused aspects of cybersecurity for small and medium sized businesses.

The objectives of this cybersecurity-focused consultative service include:

  • Perform a Risk Assessment for your organization
  • Provide security tools to help identify and improve weak areas
  • Work closely with your leadership team to establish a security plan
  • Provide technology training for your staff
  • Improve the security of your business’s IT assets
  • Develop IT policies around security and acceptable use of company/client data and technology

What’s the difference between our CIO Services and other IT services?

CIO Services

CIO Services are about IT leadership. Our Shared CIO Role focuses on helping you:

  • Maximize the use of technology to achieve your business needs
  • Develop IT maturity in your organization
  • Create and implement IT security practices

If you prefer to focus on cybersecurity with our consulting model, our consultants help you:

  • Implement cybersecurity for your business, not just your technology
  • Implement cybersecurity policies
  • Provide cybersecurity training to your employees

Our consulting relationship is not about installing, monitoring, or fixing technology in the day-to-day sense. CIO services are high level and help to clarify what technology and management services you may need (or not need!) to best achieve your business objectives.

We are focused on your goals, your business leadership, and your people.

Want to take your technology strategy and cybersecurity to the next level? Contact us today!

We want to sit on your side of the table, to help you grow and remain strong