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Moving away from Internet Explorer

Is Internet Explorer a “modern web browser”? Is it a web browser at all? Should you be using it? Due to a recent blog post from Microsoft on “the perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser”, these puzzling questions have been getting a lot of attention. The gist is this: Microsoft is now on record as saying that Internet Explorer – Microsoft’s long-time web browser – is in fact not really a browser anymore. They don’t want you to use it like one. Microsoft’s Chris Jackson refers to it as a “compatibility solution”, implying that it is legacy…
February 18, 2019
Tech Tip

Exporting and importing Favorites in Internet Explorer

If you’ve switched computers, or are going to uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer, you may be asking… how do I move my Favorites? In Internet Explorer, bookmarks are called Favorites. And yes, you can move them! To transfer your Favorites to another installation of Internet Explorer, you export a file of your favorites. Then you import it into the new installation. Here’s how! Exporting Favorites Open up Internet Explorer with your Favorites. Click on the Star icon in the upper right corner. Click the down arrow next to Add to Favorites. Select Import and Export. An Import/Export Settings window will…
October 24, 2016
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Enable or disable Internet Explorer add-ons

How do you manage Internet Explorer add-ons? Perhaps you have an unwanted extension or a pesky toolbar cluttering up your browser. Maybe another program installed an extra toolbar you really don’t need. Or maybe your favorite extension is disabled and you want to bring it back. Here’s how! Finding where to manage Internet Explorer add-ons is very easy! Click on the Tools gear icon in the upper right corner of the program. On the menu that appears, click Manage Add-ons. On the left, under Add-on Types, make sure to select Toolbars and Extensions. On the right is a list of each toolbar…
September 13, 2016