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Reduce your risk with the right backup solution

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What is your company’s most important asset? I know we should say “staff”, because that is the right answer…but is it the correct answer? The correct answer – your data! Lose an employee, and then lose information about your most important client, and see which you can recover from faster. So what should you do about it? Data changes fast and is consistently moving, so of course the most important answer is to make sure you back it up. I know, backups have been discussed many times, and it’s pretty boring. Yes, you backup, and you might check it every…

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A guide for backing up the right way

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Can your business afford to be down for several hours, let alone a few days? A backup and disaster recovery solution is more than just backing up and restoring files: its true value lies in business continuity. A properly configured and designed backup solution doesn’t just backup your files – it gets your entire organization back on its feet within an hour or less. If you’ve thought about a business continuity solution, you might have thought “it’s too expensive” or “why can’t I just do my own backups?” We’ve had many conversations with clients about why they should invest in…

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