How Anti-Virus Works & The Shift to Endpoint Protection, Part 1

By August 31, 2020September 29th, 2020Security, Videos

Terry Allen, Sr. Security Consultant & Shared CIO/CISO with OXEN Technology, talks about how traditional anti-virus software works… and why it’s not able to cope with today’s sophisticated cyber threats. This part 1 focuses on how anti-virus is signature-based protection, and part 2 will discuss endpoint protection, the next step in cybersecurity defense.

SharePoint's Alert Me Feature

Using SharePoint’s Alert Me Function

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Want to know when someone modifies a document in SharePoint? If you’re constantly checking for updates in SharePoint, try the Alert Me function to save you time.
Trust by Verify: MFA for Security

Identity Protection: Trust but Verify

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Employers can spend a lot of time interviewing candidates to work for their company. Certainly, the candidate needs to have the right skills. They need to be able to work with others on the team and serve customers well. But then there is a question that the interviewer is always asking themselves after an interviewee that shows all the right signs of being a great employee: Do I trust them? What do I mean by “Do I trust them”? Do I give them access to our building? Do I give them access to our internal confidential information? Do I let…
Remote work & collaboration

5 Tips for Enabling Secure Remote Work for Your Organization

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Remote work is booming this year, with a large portion of the workforce considering or attempting to work remotely for the first time. Here we want to provide some basic tips for safely and securely enabling remote work.