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Overwhelmed by technology?

Get the support your organization needs with our Essentials managed services bundle! Essentials includes the proactive monitoring, management, servicing, and security of your IT network.

This managed IT services bundle is a great foundation for implementing remote network management for your organization. In addition, Essentials provides you with endpoint protection, a more effective way to enhance your cybersecurity defense than traditional anti-virus.

Managed IT Services

Essentials Managed Services


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  • Endpoint protection (EPP)
  • Endpoint detection & recovery (EDR)
  • Fast response and recovery
  • Policy-based device control
  • Policy-based firewall control
  • Vulnerability management and application inventory
managed services desktops computers


  • Patch Management
  • System Resource Monitoring
  • Hard Disk Health Monitoring
  • Performance Reports
  • Anti-Spam for Email
managed services servers


  • Patch Management
  • System Resource Monitoring
  • Hard Disk Health Monitoring
  • Critical Services Monitoring
  • Server Up/Down Status Monitoring
  • Performance Reports
managed services network


  • Network Device Monitoring & Management
  • Driver & Firmware Updates
Endpoint protection | Endpoint security

What’s endpoint protection?

Do you have remote workers or mobile staff who aren’t protected within your network? Do you need better intel on security incidents?

With Essentials, you get an endpoint protection platform that consolidates attack prevention, detection, response, and recovery for all endpoints. No matter where an internet-connected device is, it’s protected! This is critical as the biggest vulnerability for most organizations is end users and their devices.

Endpoint protection is much more effective than traditional anti-virus programs. It’s a comprehensive approach to securing your entire network, with a deep view into what’s happening across all your endpoints. Read more about it here!

A strong, simple solution for your technology

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