Testimonials & Success Stories

Ames Golf & Country Club

A true partner is invaluable when running a business. OXEN Technology understands that.

Citizens State Bank – Hugoton

Financial Hugoton, KS

OXEN has always been there for Citizens State Bank and understands the security concerns of their environment.

HIX Corporation

Manufacturing Pittsburg, KS

We worked with them to consolidate their physical IT, implement virtualization, and upgrade their software systems (including their on-premise mail server).

Joplin Family Y

Non-Profit Joplin, MO

“When the Joplin Tornado disaster hit our city hard, the Y was there, as always, to lend a hand. They provided free child care and other programs, and OXEN donated the IT equipment and service to handle the additional capacity.”

Liberty Savings Association

Financial Fort Scott, KS

Their IT auditors have remarked that their environment is surprisingly more secure compared to typical bank IT technical assessments. We’re proud to be a part of that!

Marne Elk Horn Telephone Co.

Telecom or ISP Walnut, IA

“We’re able to provide better service to these new communities than the competition. OXEN Technology assists in establishing the infrastructure necessary to service this emerging market.”

Platinum Aerostructures

Manufacturing Nevada, MO

OXEN Technology is proud to work with Platinum Aerostructures in strengthening their IT infrastructure and security stance.


Non-Profit Girard, KS

Since 2015, OXEN Technology has been pleased to assist SEK-CAP with their technological needs, in support of their mission.

Smooth Trucking

“It is truly worry free. I can come in, sit down, and do my work without worrying about something not working. […] OXEN’s presence and commitment is what really sold me. Actually, I wish I had done this a long time ago.”

Sta-Bilt Construction

Construction Harlan, IA

“After multiple devastating events, OXEN’s business continuity solutions have helped Sta-Bilt recover.”

The Museum of Danish America

Non-Profit Elk Horn, IA

“It was extremely helpful, as a non-profit, to have someone say ‘this is what you need to buy, this is why you need to buy it, and this is what it’s going to do for you’. We just need to feel confident that OXEN has our best interest in mind, and I think they’ve been very good at that.”

White Industrial Seismology

Manufacturing Joplin, MO

“OXEN Technology has helped them minimize the physical footprint of their technology by moving to cloud-based solutions.”