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Educate your people

Lower your risk of a security breach!

OXEN Technology’s Breach Prevention Services help you train your staff on IT security and how to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive company data.

Do you have ongoing security training for your employees? Are you doing enough to create a culture of security awareness? How strong and comprehensive are your data safeguards?

With our Breach Prevention Services, you get a Security Portal with all the tools you need to address these questions.

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Request our security training course today and get a peek at this feature of our Breach Prevention Services and the Security Portal for a discounted annual price!

Access in-depth online training that helps your people become security aware.

Our online Security Awareness Training contains three parts:

  1. The Security Training course
  2. A final security quiz (80% score to pass)
  3. A downloadable PDF certificate

The course consists of video and audio, so headphones or speakers are required. The security training lessons are focused around case studies, which cover

  • Recognizing and protecting yourself against phishing
  • Ransomware and malware
  • Insider threats (physical security)
  • Phone scams
  • Lost or stolen portable devices
  • Wi-Fi scams
  • Passwords, multi-factor authentication, and encryption
  • And more!

All the case studies are all geared around protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive data from these types of threats. You can try it out today!

Security Awareness Training - 2021 Course Update

The Breach Prevention Services Security Portal also gives you access to much, much more to assess and remediate your security risks.

Employee Vulnerability Assessment

Security education is continuous with the Employee Vulnerability Assessment. This assessment combines security metrics into an Employee Secure Score (ESS), so you can see which of your employees are the weakest links in your security defense.

Employees gain points with activities like passing the weekly micro-training quizzes and successfully avoiding simulated phishing attacks. They stay engaged with friendly competition via a leaderboard. And you can immediately see which of your users are at high, medium, or low security risks.

Micro-Training Weekly Emails

To continually reinforce the security awareness training, your users will also receive weekly micro-training emails. These emails contain a short 1-2 minute video with a related quiz on a relevant security topic, including the most recent scams and attacks.

Monthly Security Newsletter

These monthly email newsletters remind your staff of important messages and policies each month in an approachable, fun manner to help establish a strong culture of learning and security awareness.

Written Information Security Policies & Documentation Portal

An important aspect of our Breach Prevention Services are Written Information Security Policies. Your Security Portal will come with boilerplate policies that address data security including administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

We can work with you to make changes and customizations to these policies to suit your needs. Policies include Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Network Security, Access Control, Computer Use, Data Disposal, and more.

Your users can also be required to electronically sign or acknowledge that they have received and accepted the policies and procedures uploaded in your Security Portal.

Simulated Phishing Tests

Simulated phishing tests keep employees vigilant in looking for and avoiding malicious links.

Our Breach Prevention Services give you a tool to choose a simulated phishing attack scenario, email it to your staff, and see which people fall susceptible and click on a link that would otherwise have been malicious. It’s a great way to test if your employees are practicing what they learned in their security training and remaining vigilant.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is an area of the internet that is not visible by using search engines, but instead requires special software to gain entry. The Dark Web is known for its anonymity, a place where criminals can buy and sell nearly anything, such as stolen credit card information, email credentials, Netflix login information, personal health records, guns, drugs, and the list goes on.

Dark Web Monitoring is included in our Breach Prevention Services. The minute your organization’s email domain ends up on the Dark Web, you will be notified. Reacting quickly to a data breach is critical. By uncovering dark web data the moment it becomes available, you can work to ensure the necessary steps are taken to prevent damage to your organization and your employee’s personal assets.

Want to see the Security Portal and these features? Request a demo today!

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