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The Single-Invoice Solution for a Total IT Experience

What if you had a single solution and a single invoice each month for your business’s IT infrastructure?

OXEN Technology’s Business Bundle is the solution you need to simplify your IT experience and support all of your business’s critical technology needs. Even services like installation and management are included.

It’s a perfect combination of managed IT services and “hardware-as-a-service”!

Managed IT Sevices - Benefits and Advantages

The Business Bundle combines everything into a single financed option. Hardware, software, implementation services, plus ongoing management and maintenance — all included!

The result is a healthy, sustainable, and scalable network, that doesn’t require a large capital expenditure to get started. What are the benefits?

Single Invoice,
Simple Solution

Your technology bill is simplified. Your IT infrastructure, maintenance, and lifecycle are covered in one monthly invoice. That means less confusion, more simplicity!

document management save money

& Budgetable

A 36 or 48-month contract gives you a monthly expense that’s easy to budget for. It’s also an operational cost rather than a large capital expenditure.

cloud IT support

Healthy &

Network hardware is maintained by OXEN. It’s always up to date and replaced when necessary. No more legacy equipment, no more large upgrade purchases.

Want to Know More? Let’s Talk!

If you’d like to connect with one of our IT experts to find out how your technology can be simpler, just fill out this form and we’ll get someone in touch with you right away. Thank you!