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Discover Endpoint Detection & Response + SOC

Maintain Constant Vigilance

Do you know if there are threats in your network traffic and devices?

Cybersecurity is no longer optional in today’s escalating threat landscape. And with more and more security tools becoming essential to your security posture, running it all isn’t a full-time job: it’s a dozen.

Enter OXEN Technology’s Endpoint Detection & Response + SOC solution. This platform consolidates attack prevention, detection, response, and recovery for your network endpoints. It also delivers automatic monitoring and alerting with expert response from a global team of SOC analysts.

You need to see what’s happening in your network traffic and on all your endpoint devices. EDR/SOC delivers the information you need.

Find out what’s happening in your network.

We can help you evaluate your situation and next steps.


Core Features of EDR / SOC

  • Endpoint Monitoring scans local logs and runs analysis.
  • Threat Hunting, carried out by skilled analysts with decades of cybersecurity experience, spots and isolates indicators of compromise.
  • Automated Incident Reporting instantly uploads logs to the cloud, enabling fast remediation supported by our SOC
  • analysts.
  • Detailed Analytics fuel incident reports, identify weaknesses, and power a detailed case-management system while improving response times and workflow.
  • All with easy and automated deployment, non-invasive background processes, and a secure management portal!

Why monitor your network?

Many government and industry compliance requirements and security best practices recommend this type of continuous network monitoring. If you don’t know what’s happening in your network, how will you know if a data breach has occurred? Better to know the signs of one before it has a chance to happen.

Get network monitoring security without the hassle of complex management.

What is Endpoint Detection & Response?

Endpoint security (also known as EDR) is an approach to cybersecurity that aims to secure every aspect of a network by monitoring its behavior and endpoints.

Endpoints are servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, wireless devices, and anything else connected to the network. Every device connected to a network provides a potential entry point for hackers and intruders.

EDR helps in detecting and investigating suspicious activities across all your endpoints. This system of tools works by monitoring network and endpoint activity and then storing information for analysis, investigation, and reporting. A Security Operations Center (or SOC) can analyze and respond to this data.

Endpoint security systems have many capabilities and advantages, including:

  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Continuous monitoring of endpoints
  • Investigation and incident response
  • Insight into anomalies and vulnerabilities
  • Real-time response and comprehensive view of attacks
  • Detects targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats
  • Improved detection and remediation response times
  • Suitable and adaptable to remote workers and BYOD programs

Fight today’s threats with modern cybersecurity tools. Contact us today!

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