Any Device.

Cloud Ready?

Maybe the better question is…”Should You Cloud?”

What exactly does “in the cloud” mean?  For you, today, it could mean the end of expensive hardware at your location, increased security and data protection.  Oh, yeah and access it with any of your devices.  Keep scrolling.

cloud workspace desktop as a service

WorryFree Cloud Workspace


cloud workspace

Quick and Easy Access from Anywhere

  • Access desktop, files, and apps from any device
  • Connect very quickly to your workspace
  • Consistent User Experience
cloud IT support

Simplifies IT Management

  • Add/remove users easily
  • OS, desktop, and application support and updates
  • Cloud Infrastructure, storage, and data backup
  • Less disruption
  • Bring Your Own Device – BYOD
  • Simply manage end users, servers, and applications
document management security

Enhanced Data Security & Business Continuity

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malware
  • Data Backup protection
  • Secure cloud environment
  • Supports disaster recovery plans

Am I Cloud Ready?

You might be wondering if moving to the cloud is right for your organization. That’s a great question. Luckily for you, our experts love answering that question. Just sign up for a brief consultation and we’ll ask you the right questions.

Cloud Workspace lets you access your critical applications from anywhere

How it works

WorryFree Cloud Workspace is our cloud service that acts similarly to the desktop you use today. The difference? Your workspace stays in the cloud. Simply access it from any connected device to work with your files and applications… from the road, at home, or when meeting with a client.