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Help Your Employees Become Security Aware with IT Security Training

Iowa Communications Alliance

Have you set up your Human Firewall yet?

Your people have become the front line for attackers looking to gain access to your network. Instead of constantly hardening your infrastructure, it’s time to start hardening your humans.

IT security awareness training is one of the best ways to defend against cyber attacks and threats, by educating employees on how to recognize and avoid suspicious emails and activities.

OXEN Technology, in conjunction with the Iowa Communications Alliance, is offering this free IT security awareness training for you to try today. Sign up now and try it out!

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How It Works

  • Your employees quickly self-register with your company’s unique code
  • Convenient online format with case study based videos
  • Covers best practices for protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Case studies cover topics like ransomware, phishing, phone scams, passwords, Wi-Fi dangers, physical device security, and more!
  • Final 20-Question Quiz (80% score to pass)
  • Training Certificates
  • Admin Training Report (shows scores of each employee)

Your employees create their accounts, take the online training, and receive a certificate when they pass the final quiz! Users can start, stop, and resume training when they want. In total, the online security training takes 45 minutes.

Your primary user (the “manager”) can login to the training portal and access a report of all users. You can see who’s created their account and who’s finished training and passed their final quiz.

We recommend this training be taken on an annual basis! The course material is updated annually. Continuous, ongoing micro-training on timely topics is also included in our more advanced Breach Prevention Services.