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Discover the OXBOX

The Strong Solution for Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery


Fast. Secure. Reliable.

We Know Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Is Vital

No one wants to think about a future disaster, or the “what ifs”, but backup and recovery is essential for every business. Does your business comes to a halt when your infrastructure fails? Is your productivity and profitability hurt by lost data and downtime? You need a true business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

Our Managed OXBOX is a fully-managed backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution.

This isn’t just a simple backup. As a disaster recovery solution, Managed OXBOX doesn’t just take and store backups. It also provides quick recovery options like local or cloud-based virtual failover.

It eliminates backup complexity with a single on-site appliance — the OXBOX. This OXBOX appliance handles data backup, replication to off-site cloud storage, file/folder recovery, and virtualization.

You can store backup images, replicate them offsite, and virtualize them for fast recovery – within minutes. All this storage and failover functionality is inside one easy-to-use appliance and portal, making this process simple and quick. That’s true business continuity.

Is Managed OXBOX the right business continuity and disaster recovery solution for you?

When do you need OXBOX?

With pre-built options, OXBOX is perfect for environments with up to 2 terabytes of data. It can also be scaled up to handle larger environments. If you have a large environment or regulatory, compliance, or archiving requirements, we can customize your OXBOX package for larger storage and unique retention needs.

The best protection of your data

With Managed OXBOX, your business’s data is protected with multiple backup methods and points of recovery. If lost files, corrupted data, ransomware attacks, failed hardware, or catastrophe that takes your site down, you can be sure your data is retrievable.

What does OXBOX give you?

  • If you lost files because you deleted them, overwrote them, or a drive failed, you can restore files and folders.
  • If a server fails, you can restore and virtualize it on the on-site OXBOX in as little as 30 minutes! (Restore times vary depending on workload.) By working from the on-site backup device, you don’t have to wait for replacement hardware to arrive first.
  • If your site goes down due to widespread disaster, you can spin up your virtualized servers from an image backup in the cloud.
  • If your files are held captive or corrupted by ransomware, viruses, or malware, you can restore from your backup, saving hours or even days of headache and money lost.

We’re here to answer your backup questions. Ask away!

We can help you evaluate your current situation and what steps you should take next.