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Terms of Service for IT News for You

Last updated January 28, 2016

Missed or Skipped Newsletters

It is your responsibility to choose and/or provide content and give final approval for your company e-newsletter. We will do our best to remind you and help you with this process. Billing will not be adjusted if you choose to skip a month or you miss a month after we have sent our reminders. A newsletter will be considered skipped and irredeemable if it has not been completed by the 5th day of the following month. For example, a November newsletter will be considered skipped if no content is provided or final approval is not given by December 5th.

We provide a standard newsletter that you may opt to use if you do not want to choose your own articles or do not have the time to. We can create a standard newsletter draft for you and send it to you for approval and modifications if you miss a month or are running late.

Newsletters that have been started but not approved by you, the client, are not refundable even if converted into the next month’s newsletter, since your designer has already spent time working on it. Newsletters that are missed due to late payment (credit hold) will also not be refunded.


If you pre-pay for an entire year, you may use all your pre-paid newsletters within your one year time frame. For example, if you pre-pay for a bi-monthly (6 issues per year) plan from January 1st to December 31st, you may complete all 6 of your newsletter issues within the January to December time frame. If you skip or miss a newsletter within this time frame, you may not redeem it after December and our missed or skipped newsletter policy will apply. The same holds true for pre-paid quarterly time frames.


When you sign up, we ask you for the month you want to send your first newsletter issue. The first day of this month is the start date of your agreement and sets your newsletter schedule. We set up automatic reminders to coincide with this schedule. Over time, your actual newsletter schedule may become out of sync with your reminders, especially if a late newsletter issue is pushed over to the next month. We try to resync reminders with your schedule if we notice a discrepancy; please let us know at any time if you feel your automatic reminders need to come at a different time during the month to help you out the most.

Cancelation or Plan Changes

You may switch plans at any time.

We require 30 days’ notice of cancelation. You may cancel at any time, effective immediately, but no refunds will be made without 30 days’ notice. No refunds will be made for skipped or missed newsletters.

Hours of Availability

Newsletter designers are available Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm Central Time, and we do our absolute best to respond to all communication in a timely manner during normal business hours. Communication outside of normal business hours is not guaranteed. Newsletter designers announce any lengthy absences in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

If your newsletter designer is unavailable at a crucial time, you can contact the team leader at 888-296-3619 or, so that we may assign you a temporary newsletter designer.

Rush Jobs

We do not provide special accommodation for rush jobs. Please be aware that certain times of the month are very busy, and we do not guarantee that last minute requests will be done on time, especially if they fall outside of our normal business hours.

While we have a quick turnaround time for newsletter issues, submitting your requests and content at least one week in advance will ensure that your newsletter is completed quickly and hassle-free.

Using Articles from the Content Database


You may not remove or in any way change bylines, permission lines, copyright statements, or author biographies on articles that require attribution. This is a direct violation of the terms of use for our licensing of third-party content.

You may not add attribution statements to attribution-free articles. This is plagiarism.


Articles with restricted usage may not be posted on a blog or distributed through a news feed in such a manner that misattributes the article (for example, an automatic “posted by [username]” statement on a blog post can lead to the implication that the article was written by [username]), removes the byline, or removes the “used with permission” statement. They may not be used in a newsletter not created by the IT News for You team. Restricted usage articles may only be posted on your website as landing pages for links from your newsletter.

Articles with no usage restrictions may be used anywhere on your website, but not in such a manner that misattributes the article. In other words, you may not directly state authorship of the articles. You may not submit them to or use them on any website or service outside of your company’s website.


You may not modify attributed articles in such a way that the original intention or meaning of the article is changed. For example, you can fix spelling mistakes and punctuation errors, but you cannot change an article from recommending a certain action or product to recommending another action or product, or not recommending the original action or product at all. You may not remove sentences or paragraphs from an article.

You may remove hyperlinks from articles, but you cannot remove any attribution statements or author biographies.

We cannot provide you with permission from the original copyright holder to modify articles, nor can we provide or extend permission to you from the copyright holder to reprint or reuse articles outside of your IT News for You newsletter.

Content from Third Parties

If you choose to reprint articles or other content from another source, you must provide us with a written statement from the original author that you have permission to reprint this content in your newsletter. If you do not have explicit permission from the original author, you may not reprint it in your newsletter or landing pages, but you can link to the original or paraphrase it.

If you partner with a vendor and receive marketing and sales content from them, you may use this content in your newsletter without written permission. If you do not explicitly state that you are a partner (such as through statements or logos on your website or newsletter), we may ask you to verify that you are a partner.

Using content from another source without permission is a copyright violation. Using content from another source and attributing it to yourself is plagiarism. We take no responsibility for any copyright violations or plagiarism that you may commit by not thoroughly checking copyrights, not obtaining permission, or falsifying permission.


IT News for You does not provide copywriting or copy editing services. Newsletter designers do not copyedit or proofread original articles or third-party articles submitted by clients.

We will make any and all changes and edits to custom content that you request (we want your newsletter to be perfect!), but we stop making changes once your email or e-newsletter has been sent out. This means we do not make changes to article landing pages after the e-newsletter has been sent. (If there is a particularly egregious error, or the error is in a database article, not custom content, please contact your newsletter designer immediately to see how we can accommodate you.)

Your newsletter designer may reject edits or changes you submit for database articles, per the Attribution, Usage, and Modification rules in this Terms of Use.

Image Licensing and Images Provided by Clients

If you provide images to be used in your newsletter, to accompany content you provide or articles you have chosen from the IT News for You database, it is your responsibility to make sure you are using these images legally and responsibly. We discourage the use of images discovered through search engines (like Google Images) and submitted as newsletter content. We are not responsible if such images are not properly licensed or acquired by the client.

We will not use images that are obviously copyrighted or watermarked by the creator or the stockphoto provider (such as Shutterstock, Getty Images, iStock, Fotolia, and many more). Using such unlicensed images opens both IT News for You and your company up to legal issues and large fines.

We do not purchase stockphotos by individual request. We purchase licensed stockphoto imagery to accompany the articles in our database only. Our newsletter plans do not include purchasing, searching for, or otherwise providing images outside of the article images in the database.

We will gladly accept images and stockphotos that are properly obtained, purchased, and/or licensed.

Website Integration

Coding standards for emails are different from coding standards for websites, and the two are not compatible, especially if you are maintaining W3C coding standards on your website. Our newsletters and templates are created for email use only.

We do not provide integration with websites, and we do not guarantee that your newsletter will display properly if you copy it directly to your website. We encourage you to link directly to the HTML email file on your server (or ours) or to the URL created after you send via Constant Contact, MailChimp, or another email sending service. Copying and pasting your email or even a portion of your email into your website (especially a WordPress or other CMS-based website) will probably not work.

We do not provide webpage versions of emails.

Content Hosting

As part of our service, we will host any files and images that are part of your e-newsletter. However, if you cancel our service, we cannot guarantee that links to hosted files will remain working.

If you prefer that your newsletter files and images be hosted under your own domain name, we are more than happy to give these files to you or to even upload them to your server if given FTP credentials. Hosting files yourself gives you more control over them for years to come and better brands your e-marketing campaigns.