IT News for You: About the Templates

A one-time template fee applies to all newsletter plans. Choose which type of template you would like based on our layouts and descriptions below!

Standard Templates

Our standard templates are $150 for first-time design and customization. Redesigns at a later date are $50. Standard templates are static. If you require a mobile-friendly responsive template, see our other offering below.

We offer three standard layouts that we will work with you to customize:

  • 1 Column
  • 2 Column (Left Sidebar)
  • 2 Column (Right Sidebar)

Template sizes can range from 580 pixels to 760 pixels wide.

Below are examples of each type of standard template layout; click the thumbnail for a larger view.

These templates are examples and do not reflect the actual template images, colors, and design work that your customized template will have.

1 Column

2 Column – Left Sidebar

2 Column – Right Sidebar

Responsive Templates

Mobile-friendly (a.k.a. “responsive”) templates are dynamic and flexible so that they display at a readable size on a range of devices, from the full-window desktop view to a small smartphone screen.

Responsive templates require special coding, certain layout restrictions, and an email sending service that supports responsive code. Responsive templates are a one-time $150 fee. Redesigns at a later date are $75.

1 Column

1 Column & Multi-Column Mix