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Maintain Constant Vigilance

Do you know if there are threats in your network traffic and devices?

OXEN Technology’s Network Security Monitoring, powered by NetWatcher, tells you what’s happening in your network. It gives you 24/7 secure monitoring of your network for threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

You’ll get alerts when threats are detected — from malware to suspicious behavior to software vulnerabilities — in your network traffic and on your devices.

Find out what’s happening in your network.

We can help you evaluate your situation and next steps.

If a security breach happened in your network, would you even know? Get continuous monitoring that will alert you to threats.

Proactive Services of Network Security Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring of network traffic and Windows servers and PCs
  • Weekly security hygiene report with remediation recommendations
  • Regularly scheduled internal vulnerability scanning
  • Notification of security issues caused by possible malware, suspicious behavior, attempted exploits, unintentional internal incidents (e.g. visiting compromised websites or Personally Identifiable Information [PII] being sent in clear text), software vulnerabilities, and more
  • Full network security report included in your biannual business review
  • A view of all assets on your network and alerts as new (unknown) assets appear

Why monitor your network?

Many government and industry compliance requirements and security best practices recommend this type of continuous network monitoring. If you don’t know what’s happening in your network, how will you know if a data breach has occurred? Better to know the signs of one before it has a chance to happen.

How does OXEN’s network security monitoring work?

Our Network Security Monitor platform is based on the use of a sensor which collects, aggregates, and analyzes a copy of inbound and outbound network traffic. All data sent to and from the sensor is encrypted, at rest and in transit, so that it is compliant with most regulatory requirements.

In addition to the network traffic monitoring provided by the sensor, software agents are also deployed to Windows servers and PCs to analyze device information.

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