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Guard the door
and backup the data behind it

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The Future Is Layered Security

You have an essential security defense in place with your firewall. A regularly maintained and monitored next-generation firewall is incredibly important to your organization’s cybersecurity defense.

But have you considered other layered security protection measures to safeguard your data? A single defense mechanism isn’t enough. A firewall is effective, but no single tool is 100% effective against the constantly changing and adapting threat landscape.

What if an attack gets in? What if a single person unknowingly clicks on a link in a suspicious email, inviting ransomware into your network? How will you regain or restore your data if it’s stolen, encrypted, or deleted?

No single security measure can protect against all threats. Guard the door with your firewall — and protect the data behind it with backup.

Add a data backup solution to your cybersecurity toolset.

We can help you evaluate your situation and next steps.

Firewalls help to keep attackers out. But in a worst case scenario, a firewall can’t restore your lost data. Only a backup can help with that!

The best protection of your data

A strong backup solution is an essential requirement to protect against cyberattacks and nasty threats like ransomware. If your files are corrupted or locked down by ransomware, you can restore all your data from your most recent backup: you won’t lose data or need to pay the attackers.

Backup services can help you:

  • Protect your business files and data locally and in the cloud.
  • Gain entry-level data protection with file- and folder-level backup.
  • Backup to local and cloud-based data protection services.
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Add another protective layer to your IT environment with backup.

Contact us today to discuss how a managed backup solution can improve your defenses.