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A Firewall Is Not Enough
Protection Anymore

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The Future Is Layered Security

If you are currently only investing in a firewall solution to protect your business from cyberattacks and infections, it isn’t enough.

No single tool is sufficient to block cyberattacks from an increasing number of directions. This is why we highly recommend layered security measures, a cybersecurity best practice.

A firewall is one of the oldest cybersecurity measures around (along with anti-virus and anti-malware). There’s a reason it’s still considered a crucial bedrock feature of a strong cybersecurity defense, for any organization of any size. At OXEN, we still highly recommend managed next-generation firewalls, but believe they’re also complementary to other cybersecurity tools and defenses.

If you have a firewall already, your cybersecurity foundation is in place. You can easily build on top of this for even stronger protection and constant monitoring. Here are some ideas!

Ready to build your cybersecurity protection?

We can help you evaluate your situation and next steps.

With proactive monitoring and management, you can build up your security foundation. Ensure your essential hardware is up to date, strong, and protected with the latest updates.

Essentials is our managed IT services bundle for your network maintenance needs.

Managed IT services are the constant remote monitoring of your IT network and technology services, such as:

  • Automatic software updates and security patches for your computers and servers
  • Up-to-date managed anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam solutions for your devices and email
  • Monitoring of your network hardware to detect problems and reduce downtime
  • Service and support to remediate issues

Essentials is the perfect start for remote network management. Proactively monitoring your essential hardware improves the health and strength of your network, for better cybersecurity defense.

Discover More About Essentials

A firewall isn’t enough to protect you anymore.

Contact us today to discuss how management and monitoring of your network can improve your defenses.