Filing Got You Down?

Document Management in the Cloud

The time and effort spent on managing documents could be spent by your team on making your business more awesome.  Get out from under the pile so you can focus on your business.

Docuware Cloud Document Management

Docuware Cloud

can help you

document management save time

Save Time

Create better document processes with workflows and retrieve documents quickly and accurately

document management save money

Save Money

Reduce the cost of storing paper and make documents accessible anywhere.

document management security

Stay Secure

Improve document security and ensure against accidental deletion or destruction.

Stay Compliant

Automate compliance with government regulations affecting your data retention

Start with a FREE Trial

The best way to understand the benefits of document management in the cloud is to see it in action.

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How it works

DocuWare Cloud is a comprehensive document management solution with a minimal start up investment. You can securely store and process all of your documents, and access them from any device… anywhere… anytime.

Receive all the features and benefits of an Enterprise class document management solution, now at a fraction of the price. DocuWare Cloud starts at 4 users for only $300/month.