Streamlined and Updated IT for Wiles Brothers Fertilizer

By April 2, 2018Testimonials
Wiles Brothers Fertilizer - Streamlined and Updated IT

In late 2017, Wiles Brothers Fertilizer was in need of streamlining and updating their IT. Located near Plattsmouth, NE, they offer a complete line of agricultural products and services for private and commercial use. They grew quickly and outstripped what their current IT provider could handle. OXEN consulted with them on their needs and created a roadmap for their IT that Wiles Bros could implement based on their budgetary needs. In Summer 2018 they will be building a new office and OXEN’s services will keep up with their rapid growth needs.

To help update and streamline Wiles Bros’ technology, OXEN installed new PCs and laptops and added more Office 365 licenses for staff. We installed a new switch and a new wireless access point to update their equipment and handle their wi-fi needs. We also set them up with WorryFree Network Essentials, WorryFree Firewall, and WorryFree Backup to manage, monitor, and secure their network and data. These managed services will scale with Wiles Bros’ needs, so they are in a much better position for future growth. Now many of their break-fix requests have gone away and Wiles Bros and OXEN can focus on their most crucial needs.

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