Walnut Communications, Small Town…Big Tech ISP

By July 18, 2016 July 25th, 2016 Infrastructure, Testimonials
Walnut, Iowa Antique Show

Annual Walnut Antique Show

As I drove into Walnut, Iowa (pop. 773), many people were out and about. Businesses were busy preparing for customers. There was an unexpected buzz in the air. That weekend, over 40,000 antique aficionados would descend upon this small town and enjoy one of the biggest antique festivals in the Midwest. “The whole town gets involved,” said Bruce Heyne, General Manager at Walnut Communications, an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

100 Years of Service

Walnut Communications has been one of the pillars of this small farm community since 1915. As technology progressed, so did they. Heyne proudly pointed to one of the early cell phones in their office history museum and said, “That’s the first cell phone in service in Iowa, it was mine.” Walnut Communications now offers phone, high-speed internet, mobile service and cable television to its broad service area. In the 90’s, Walnut Communications rolled out internet (ISP) services. And during that time, OXEN Technology assisted in the switch from Dial-Up to DSL internet service. Since then, OXEN Technology has provided IT support to Walnut Communications as they continue to bring high-speed internet service to several thousand customers in the area.

An ISP Building Technology for the Future

walnut-development-IMG_3118Currently, Walnut Communications is finding opportunity in bringing high-speed service to new fringe housing developments outside of Council Bluffs and other areas. “We’re able to provide better service to these new communities than the competition. OXEN Technology assists in establishing the infrastructure necessary to service this emerging market,” said Terry McCarthy, Project Coordinator for Walnut Communications. “It has been good to grow with OXEN Technology, another area business, over the years.” OXEN Technology also supports Walnut Communications’ network to its many cell towers in the area and helps envision how technology will shape the future of the business.

Ryan Pieken (OXEN) and Terry McCarthy (Walnut Communications) check over ISP equipment scheduled for upgrade.

Ryan Pieken and Terry McCarthy check over equipment scheduled for upgrade.

“I have always enjoyed partnering with Walnut Communications to deliver the latest in technical connectivity to thousands of homes and businesses in southwest Iowa,” said Ryan Pieken, Communications Specialist for OXEN Technology and primary contact for Walnut Communications. “It is fun to work with a company that is as eager to leverage technology to grow their business.”

Walnut Communications quietly sits just off the main street in Walnut, but also on the cutting edge of technology for its customers. So if you’re an antique buff, be sure to put Walnut, Iowa on your list of places to visit. If you live in the area, consider Walnut Communications as your OXEN Strong Internet Service Provider (ISP). We are proud to be a part of their story.