View file extensions in File Explorer

By October 5, 2020Tech Tip
Viewing file extensions in File Explorer

By default, Windows hides file extensions. For many reasons, you may want to view these file extensions so that you know at a glance what type of files you’re looking at.

Side note: What’s a file extension? A file extension is a period followed by short abbreviation (usually three or four letters) at the end of a file name. It indicates the type of file.

Some examples: “.docx” is a modern Microsoft Word document, “.txt” is a plain text file, and “.jpg” is a common image type. There are numerous file extensions, many of them only used by specialized programs.

So if you don’t want to dig into a file’s properties to find out if it’s a .jpg image or a .png file, let’s show those file extensions right away in the file name.

In Windows 10:

  1. In the Windows Search Bar, type File Explorer Options and choose the Control Panel result.View file extensions
  2. Select the View tab.
  3. Scroll down and uncheck the box next to “Hide extension for known file types”.View file extensions
  4. Click Apply and then OK.

And now you will see the full file names!

View file extensions

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