Using SharePoint’s Alert Me Function

By November 2, 2020November 16th, 2020Office 365, Tech Tip
SharePoint's Alert Me Feature

Want to know when someone modifies a document in SharePoint? Do you need to know when new files have been added to a document library, or new items are in a list? If you’re constantly checking for updates in SharePoint, try the Alert Me function to save you time.

For a single file:

  1. In SharePoint, navigate to the file you want.
  2. Click Show Actions (the three vertical dots that appear when you hover over the file).
  3. Choose Alert Me at the bottom of the menu.
    Alert Me in SharePoint
  4. In the Alert me when items change window, you can make changes to who receives the alerts, the delivery method, the circumstances of the change, and how frequently to send alerts.
  5. Click OK.

For a library or list:

  1. In SharePoint, navigate into the list or library.
  2. Click More Actions (••) on the toolbar.
  3. Choose Alert Me.
  4. Like for a single file, you can modify exactly how and when you’ll be alerted.
  5. Click OK.

Managing Your Alerts

If you need to change the alerts you’ve set up, click on More Actions (•••) and then Manage my alerts. A new tab will appear in your browser with a list of all the alerts you’ve set up on that SharePoint site. Click on an Alert in the list to makes change to it.

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