The Tools of Next-Generation Endpoint Protection (Part 2)

By October 12, 2020Security, Videos

Here’s the second video in our series on traditional anti-virus solutions vs. next-generation endpoint protection. Terry Allen, Sr. Security Consultant & Shared CIO/CISO with OXEN Technology, talks about how endpoint protection differs from traditional anti-virus solutions. In part 1, he discussed how anti-virus works and how this is different from endpoint protection. This part 2 focuses on the tools that endpoint protection solutions provide, such as behavioral analysis, threat hunting & threat intelligence, and device control.

Remote work & collaboration

5 Tips for Enabling Secure Remote Work for Your Organization

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Remote work is booming this year, with a large portion of the workforce considering or attempting to work remotely for the first time. Here we want to provide some basic tips for safely and securely enabling remote work.

The Tools of Next-Generation Endpoint Protection (Part 2)

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What cybersecurity tools does endpoint protection provide, that anti-virus doesn't? Terry talks about behavioral analysis, threat intelligence, and more.
Viewing file extensions in File Explorer

View file extensions in File Explorer

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By default, Windows hides file extensions. For many reasons, you may want to view these file extensions so that you know at a glance what type of files you’re looking at.