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We Took the Leap: HTS is OXEN Technology Now!

By May 25, 2016May 22nd, 2018Announcements

At Heartland Technology Solutions we’re proud to say we’ve been a consistent pillar for our clients over the past 31 years. It’s with our future in mind that we recently navigated a brand refresh.

In this process, we wanted to be true to our roots, firm in our beliefs and clear in our mission so that we can continue to serve our clients with excellence. With that said, we’re excited to announce…

Heartland Technology Solutions is now OXEN Technology!


Over the next few weeks you’ll notice a change in the aesthetics of our brand – the colors, logo and our name. Our ownership, leadership and staff are staying the same, because our people are what make us a strong IT partner.


While we’ve spent a great deal of time implementing various brand changes, we’re not changing our core values or services. We’re still a company that’s passionate about thriving communities, simplified technology and strong partnerships – because at the core of each of these elements is people.


We took the leap! OXEN TechnologyAs we continue to settle into our new brand, our hope is that you feel the freedom to give us feedback about the changes you see. With your help, we can continue to be a company that’s committed to being a strong IT partner that makes proactive decisions based on our deep knowledge of the technology industry.

We’re excited that these changes allow us to serve you better, and we anticipate many, many more years of being your strong IT partner.

Warm Regards,
Bob Gentzler
President, OXEN Technology
formerly Heartland Technology Solutions

P.S. Don’t forget to white-list our new oxen.tech email addresses so you don’t miss important emails from our team members!


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