Everything you need to know about text boxes in Publisher, Part 2: Using Text Box Options

By March 7, 2016 October 16th, 2018 Business Productivity, Tech Tip

In a previous tech tip, we began explaining everything you need to know about text boxes in Publisher – and we’re continuing that now! The previous installment covered the handy features in the Drawing Tools options on the Ribbon. This continuation will focus on the Text Box Tools options.

Let’s start with our text box, which we’ve already changed using Drawing Tools. With the text box selected, go to Text Box Tools on the Ribbon.

Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options


While Drawing Tools lets you modify the shape of the text box, Text Box Tools is about the contents of the text box: the text itself.

With your text box selected, let’s make some changes.

  • Change font size to fill the text box: If you would like your text to be fitted optimally inside the text box, click your cursor inside of the text box and then select the Text Fit button on the far left of the Text Box Tools. Try “Best Fit” or “Shrink Text on Overflow” if you have a lot of text.
    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options
  • Change text direction: You can switch the font direction from horizontal to vertical using Text Direction.
    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options
  • Change Font settings: As with all Office programs, you can modify the font, font size, and font color using the familiar Font tools.
    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options
  • Align text within the box: Align the text inside of the text box with the Alignment group: for example, center the text vertically and horizontally using the middle option.
    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options
  • Change the margins inside of the text box: If you want to push the text away from the edges of the text box (especially noticeably if you are using an outline or a colored background), customize the spacing by clicking on the down arrow beneath the Margins button and then selecting Custom Margins…Adjust the numbers in Text Box Margins and then click OK.
    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options
  • Create multiple columns: If you have a very large text box with a lot of text, you may want to arrange your text in columns. We’ll click inside of our large text box with multiple paragraphs, then go to Columns on the Ribbon and make two columns.
    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options

    If we choose More Columns…, we can adjust the number of columns and the amount of space in between them.

    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options

  • Word Art Styles can be used for fancier text display: You can choose a pre-made style from the drop-down WordArt Styles list, or customize or create your own with the Text Fill, Text Outline, and Text Effects options.

    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options

  • Create Drop Caps and more: And finally, the Typography group gives you options to add special text options, like a drop cap, adjust number styles, add ligatures, and more. You’ll probably only need Drop Cap for most work, but you can make small but professional tweaks to numbers and ligatures if need be!

    Microsoft Publisher Text Box Options

And those are all the major tools for modifying text boxes in Text Box Tools!

We hope you’ve been introduced to at least a few tools you weren’t aware of, and some of the special effects that you can create with just a click or two.

Text boxes are used to lay out most text in Publisher documents – and knowing how to modify them with these options and Drawing Tools gives you powerful control over your text.

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