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New server or move to the cloud?

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Many organizations we talk to are starting to think about their next server upgrade. Here are some common questions we get. Do I need a server? What about the cloud? Is there a less expensive way? These are all good questions. The answers can really depend on your needs. Do I need a server? The general purpose of a server is to deliver functionality to users, typically in the local office. If you are only storing files and don’t have applications installed on the server, you may be able to use a cloud-based file sharing and sync tool and move…

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Why Do I Need a Server?

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“Why do I need a server?” It’s a question we often hear from small businesses that haven’t yet made the jump to a true “network”.  Their current technology seems to be working just fine as it is, so most small business owners don’t see a need to make the investment. The answer varies from business to business and depends on their business model, growth rate, or specific needs. The answer may very well be that you don’t need one. If you have only a handful of staff who share files across computers networked together or who can do the majority…

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