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Adding Tasks in Outlook

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Need to remind yourself of what to do? You could keep a to-do list on paper at your desk, or in a spreadsheet. But in Outlook, you can easily create powerful Tasks. You can keep a lot of powerful, trackable information about your tasks. And by adding Tasks in Outlook, you’ll keep a record of what you’ve done. Adding Tasks Click New Items > Task on the Ribbon. Give your Task a Subject. If you have Start and Due Dates, add them. You can use Status, Priority, and % Complete to record more information about this Task. Need a reminder?…

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Searching your Office 365 Outlook email

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You may have thousands of sent and received emails in your Office 365 email account. If you’re looking for one email in particular, how do you find it? The desktop version of Outlook has powerful email search tools – where are they in Office 365? Here we’ll show you how to search Office 365 email as well. The “Search Mail and People” field is on the left of the Office 365 Outlook window, above the left sidebar Folder list. Type your first search term in this field and hit Enter! Then, the sidebar will display options to narrow your search,…

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