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Create your email signature in Outlook 2016

Your email signature can provide helpful information to recipients, including your name, company, contact details, links, and more. You can quickly and easily set up multiple automatic email signatures in Outlook 2016! To create a new email signature In Outlook 2016, click the File tab in the upper left. Choose Options on the left sidebar. In the window that appears, choose Mail on the left sidebar. In the third section, called Create or modify signatures for messages, click the Signatures button. The Signatures and Stationery window will appear. In the Edit Signature box, type in your signature details or copy and paste in…
March 20, 2017
Tech Tip

Searching your email in Outlook 2016

Do you have thousands of emails stored in your Outlook account? Do you sometimes need to find the one email from five months ago that mentions the access key for a software program you didn't think anyone was still using? Here are some tips for searching your Outlook email!
October 17, 2016
Business ProductivityTech Tip

How to turn off Clutter in Outlook / Office 365

Clutter is a mailbox management feature of Office 365 for Business. (If you don’t have an Office 365 for Business subscription, you will not have this feature.) It analyzes how you process your email and then moves “unimportant” or low-priority email from your Inbox into a special folder, to save you the time of doing this yourself. Essentially, it sorts emails it thinks you will already ignore into a secondary Inbox. If you already have an email spam protection tool running, Clutter may be overkill. If you’re tired of fishing emails out of the special folder or forgetting to check it…
August 22, 2016