Searching your Office 365 Outlook email

By September 26, 2016 May 22nd, 2018 Email, Tech Tip

You may have thousands of sent and received emails in your Office 365 email account. If you’re looking for one email in particular, how do you find it? The desktop version of Outlook has powerful email search tools – where are they in Office 365? Here we’ll show you how to search Office 365 email as well.

The “Search Mail and People” field is on the left of the Office 365 Outlook window, above the left sidebar Folder list.

Search Office 365 email

Type your first search term in this field and hit Enter!

Then, the sidebar will display options to narrow your search, such as

  • which folders to search in (e.g., all or a specific folder)
  • from (who sent it to you)
  • to (which address received the email)
  • date spans

Unlike desktop Outlook, some search options aren’t available in Office 365 Outlook (yet). Or they may only appear if they are applicable to the search results. For example, you cannot filter by “with attachments” unless your first search contains emails with attachments.

When you are done narrowing your search or want to stop searching, click Exit Search at the top.

Search Office 365 email

And this is how you search in Office 365 Outlook! Enter your first search terms, then filter by additional options. It’s that simple!

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