Removing Email Background Color in Outlook

By April 6, 2020 May 7th, 2020 Tech Tip
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Colorful backgrounds and busy texture patterns might liven up an email, but it can also cause headaches when you’re trying to read the text. Here’s a really quick tip on how to remove an annoying email background color when replying to someone.

First, begin your reply to the email.

Email background or texture in Outlook

Go to Options on the Ribbon.

Under the Themes group, click on the down arrow next to Page Color, and select “No Color”.

Remove email background color in Outlook

And that’s it.

You’ve just saved yourself and the recipient, and anyone else in a string of future emails, from getting a headache!

What if you’re using Outlook in your web browser? If you are, getting rid of an email background should be even easier. When you hit reply, the page color will be automatically removed or dropped from the email conversation thread.

Looking for more email tips? Check out more here!

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