Defend Yourself Against Ransomware: Email Attachment Filtering

By July 12, 2016 August 2nd, 2016 Email, Security

We recently noted the increase in ransomware attacks that OXEN Technology has dealt with. As a follow-up, we want to make you aware of a tool that helps protect your network environment against these types of file-hostage attacks. This tool allows for email attachment defense and filters email attachments that are able to enter your environment.

Why Email Attachment Filtering?

Why does filtering email attachments defend against ransomware attacks? Because infected document attachments have become an easy method for cybercriminals to use. The cost to create and deliver them is small and the opportunity is large. Unsuspecting users click on attachments that deliver nasty payloads of ransomware and other viruses.

Image: Attachment Filtering protects against ransomware

Does your email protection solution offer attachment filtering for ransomware, virus, and malware protection?

OXEN Technology offers an email protection and anti-spam solution that includes attachment filtering. Attachment filtering is one of the most recommended defenses against ransomware.1 Using this tool, we are able to block certain file extensions and executable extensions, as well as attachments with no filename or no file extension. These extensions are known to be commonly used by cyber criminals. (Did you know the most common type of document used in attacks is “.doc”?2) Industry experts highly recommend tools of this kind as a defense against ransomware.

Put Up Your Ransomware & Virus Defenses!

If you proactively block these known infection methods, you can reduce your risk. Decrease the likelihood of a single person clicking on an infected attachment. And don’t let employees open up your network and files to a “hostage situation”!

Image: Download the Email Protection ChecklistSo, want to learn more? Download our checklist of questions to ask yourself about your current email protection tool. Are you protected by the most sophisticated defenses available? Find out now!

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1 According to Ingram Micro

2 Symantec Intelligence Report, January 2015