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How to take a screenshot on iPhones and Android Phones

“Just take a screenshot and send it to me,” someone asks you. Maybe you know how to do this on your computer, but without a dedicated "print screen" button on a phone, it's not as intuitive on your mobile device. How do you do this? Don’t worry – it’s easy! If you have an iPhone, do the following: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (you can find this on the top or side of your phone). At the same time, press and release the Home button. Find your screenshot in the Photos app > Albums > Camera Roll. If you have…
OXEN Technology
November 21, 2016

5 Email Security Tips for Employees and Organizations

We send an astonishingly huge amount of email: over 205 billion emails per day. And the number is still growing.1 Email is a critical communication tool for businesses. It's also a gateway for hackers, viruses, and other nasties. Here are 5 email security tips for keeping your email and your information secure. 1. Stay watchful and cautious It's easy for an unauthorized person to email you and pretend to be a vendor or business partner. Be cautious and double-check before responding to sensitive requests. 2. Understand junk and spam filters Learn how to use your junk email folder and your organization's…
OXEN Technology
October 3, 2016

Defend Yourself Against Ransomware: Email Attachment Filtering

We recently noted the increase in ransomware attacks that OXEN Technology has dealt with. As a follow-up, we want to make you aware of a tool that helps protect your network environment against these types of file-hostage attacks. This tool allows for email attachment defense and filters email attachments that are able to enter your environment. Why Email Attachment Filtering? Why does filtering email attachments defend against ransomware attacks? Because infected document attachments have become an easy method for cybercriminals to use. The cost to create and deliver them is small and the opportunity is large. Unsuspecting users click on…
OXEN Technology
July 12, 2016

We Took the Leap: HTS is OXEN Technology Now!

At Heartland Technology Solutions we’re proud to say we’ve been a consistent pillar for our clients over the past 31 years. It’s with our future in mind that we recently navigated a brand refresh. In this process, we wanted to be true to our roots, firm in our beliefs and clear in our mission so that we can continue to serve our clients with excellence. With that said, we’re excited to announce... Heartland Technology Solutions is now OXEN Technology! (more…)
OXEN Technology
May 25, 2016