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How to Add Voting Options to an Outlook Email

By September 2, 2019Tech Tip
Voting Options in Outlook Email

Need to take a quick poll? Maybe you need to find out how many people in the office are coming to lunch – and this quick tip will show you how the voting options work in Outlook!

To making voting options available in an email you are composing:

  1. Click on the Options tab on the Ribbon.
  2. In the middle of the ribbon, click on Use Voting Options, and select which answers you want to make available.Voting Options in Outlook
  3. After clicking, you should see an information message that says “You added voting buttons to this message”.Voting buttons added to an email
  4. Send your email!

Recipients will receive your message with a note that the message includes voting options. They will then go to Message > Vote on the Ribbon to respond.

How to vote when you respond to an email

And then they confirm:

Voting Options in Outlook

When you receive a response, it will have their response option in the subject line.

Voting Options in Outlook

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