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The IRS Recommends the “Security Six” Steps to Protect Clients’ Data

By March 22, 2021Security
IRS recommends Security Six Steps

Does your organization handle sensitive financial information for clients?

If so, you’re probably required to create and maintain a security plan to protect client data, per the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 (also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act).

Where do you get started with securing taxpayer information though? The IRS recommends the “Security Six” steps:

  1. Install anti-virus software.
  2. Install a firewall.
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication.
  4. Use backup software or services.
  5. Use drive encryption software.
  6. Establish a virtual private network (VPN).

These six steps are crucial to securing data and protecting devices.

If you’re looking for security options to meet these recommendations and other compliance requirements, OXEN Technology has you covered. We can recommend endpoint detection & response, a security operation center service, and managed IT services for constant monitoring, maintenance, and security vigilance. We have decades of experience with the best next-generation firewalls and backup solutions.

And if you need advice on how to implement features like two-factor authentication (or MFA), VPNs, and encryption, our IT leadership experts can help you!

Today’s cybersecurity isn’t a one-time project. It’s an ongoing process of analysis, research, and improvement, which goes beyond just technology. We’re here to help you navigate it.

Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your options with a member of OXEN’s team!

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