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By March 27, 2017Backup, Security
Data Backup - Data Protection

March 31st is World Backup Day, an independent initiative to encourage people to back up their data. This initiative is great! We want to remind you to look beyond your personal data and consider efforts to back up and preserve your business or organization’s data as well.

Why does a business need backup? Honestly, there are many reasons, practical and legal! Here are five top reasons you need backup for your business.


Backup can protect against malware and ransomware. If your data becomes corrupted, infected, or taken hostage, you can restore your data from a backup quickly and without paying a ransom. This can also mean less downtime for your business and less money spent to fix the problem. You could spend hours restoring your data from a backup, or days fighting against ransomware.

User Mistakes

Users are human – sometimes we accidentally delete or overwrite files. We’ve all felt that small stab of terror when we realize we’ve just permanently deleted an important file, or the wrong folder! There’s great peace of mind when you immediately know that you can restore that file or folder from your backup storage. No panic, just restore.

Hardware Failure

Aging infrastructure, faulty hardware, and external physical disasters threaten your data too. If a hard drive fails or a lightning strike fries your infrastructure, backup will protect your critical business data.

If your business is at risk from the weather (severe storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and more), you should consider a complete business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) backup solution that provides off-site storage and cloud virtualization. With a true BCDR solution, your physical site could be completely destroyed, and your data would still exist, your systems restored virtually, and you’re up and running remotely!

Audits and Archives

Most businesses are required to keep data or business records for certain periods of time. If your business or organization falls under regulation or compliance rules for retention and protection of data, you may be required to keep data for multiple years. Having a backup means you are always compliant when the auditors come knocking. They won’t care if you lost data due to mistakes or disaster – you’ll still be non-compliant. A good backup solution ensures this won’t be a problem.

Longevity & Recovery

A high percentage of businesses that experience major data loss do not recover and close their doors. If there’s a high probability that a disaster would end your business or reduce your competitive advantage – backup is a critical factor in ensuring your long-term success and ability to recover and bounce back from problems.

You’ll notice we’re assuming these scenarios will happen. And that’s because they will. Data loss is inevitable: it is not a matter of if, but when. You are always at risk. A file will go missing. An employee will click on a bad link. A pipe or sewer line will fail and flood your server room.

It is going to happen – but you can do something about it and mitigate or avoid the worst effects with a backup solution. The best offense is total business protection and backup.

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