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Creating a New Form in Microsoft Forms

Creating a New Form in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a powerful tool in your Microsoft 365 subscription. You can use it to create secure internal forms to capture data for your PowerAutomate flows or to design feedback surveys for your customers. With its intuitive building interface and integrations with other Microsoft 365 apps, the possibilities are endless!

In this tech tip, we’ll show you how to get started with creating your first simple Microsoft Form.

Open Microsoft Forms

To begin, you need to open Microsoft Forms in your web browser.

If you are already in an M365 app, such as OneDrive or Outlook, you can find the app by clicking the App launcher in the top left corner and clicking Forms. If you don’t see Forms listed in the top apps, click All apps and scroll down through the alphabetical list.

To go directly to your available apps, you can go to

Creating a Form

With Microsoft Forms open, click + New Form at the top.

Create New Form Button

The new form will open in a new tab or window.

First, give your form a title by clicking the “Untitled form” area, and typing in your name. We’ll call ours “Lunch Catering Survey”. You can add an optional description as well to give your responders more information.

Form Title & Description

Now you’re ready to begin adding fields.

For this example, we’ll add fields to ask for Name, Email Address, a question with multiple options, and a comments field.

Add Text Fields for Name and Email Address

Click + Add new. The top four options – Choice, Text, Rating, and Date – will appear. Choose Text. (If you need advanced options, click the down arrow for Ranking, Likert scale, File upload, Net Promoter Score, and Sections. Not all form options are available for every type of Microsoft 365 subscription.)

This Text field will be the Name. Change the Question line to “Your Name” and click Required so that the responder has to enter an answer.

Now let’s add a field for the email address. Click + Add new again and choose Text. Change the Question line to “Your Email Address”. Make sure Required is checked.

Add a Multiple Choice Field

Then let’s add the multiple-choice question field. Click + Add new and choose Choice. Our question will be “Do you have dietary preferences?”. We’ll change Option 1 to Yes, Option 2 to No, and click Add “Other” Option.

If you’re asking a question where people can choose multiple answers, check Multiple answers at the bottom of the question.

For further options to modify a Choice field, click the More settings for question icon (the three dots) in the bottom right.

More settings for question

Add a Long Text Field for Comments

And lastly, we’ll add a bigger field for comments. Click + Add new and then Text. Make the Question line “Comments?” Then select Long answer at the bottom to make this a larger text field. Make sure Required is not selected, so that it’s an optional field.

And here’s our simple form!

And that’s all it takes to build a simple form.

Now let’s look at our form settings and how you can restrict access, preview the form, and share it with others.

Changing the Form Settings

In the upper right corner of the window, click More form settings icon (the three dots).

More form settings

Click Settings from the menu. Under Who can fill out this form, you can choose “Anyone can respond” to make your form public. You need this option if you’re creating a form that customers or people outside your organization will respond to. You can also restrict the form to “Only people in my organization can respond” or narrow it down to a select few people with “Specific people in my organization can respond”.

Under Options for responses, you can add some other options. Make sure Accept responses is selected, so you can record and see responses. You can also capture a start date and end date, shuffle the questions, and add a customized thank you message.

If you want to receive an email notification for each response to your form, select that option under Response receipts.

Preview Your Form

How does your form look to others? You can preview the form but clicking the Preview option at the top of the window. This will open the form in a new window and let you see it the way responders will. Use the Computer and Mobile options at the top to see how it looks at larger and smaller screen sizes.

Share Your Form

How do you grab the link for a Microsoft Form? Click the green Share button at the top of the page. Copy the URL – and you’re good to go!

Share a form

And that’s how you create a basic form from scratch in Microsoft Forms!

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