Office 365 Tip: Create a file request in OneDrive

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If you need to obtain files from various people, you can use OneDrive to create a file request that allows others to upload documents directly to a folder you specify. This gives people a quick way to transfer files to you without giving them view or edit permissions to your OneDrive folder. Here’s how!

Note: This feature is not available in Office 365 Government. For file requests to work, your Office 365 administrator must enable Anyone links in OneDrive.

Requesting Files

  1. Using OneDrive Online, select the folder where you want others to upload their files.
  2. Click Request files on the toolbar above.
    Create a file request in OneDrive
  3. Enter a descriptive name for the files you are requesting and click Next.
    Naming a file request in OneDrive
    There are two ways to send the request:

    1. Copy the link to send to others and paste it into an email.
    2. OR enter the names and/or email addresses of the recipients and write a message with your request and then click Done. This will send a notification with your request.
      Send file request in OneDrive

Recipients will use this link or notification email to access the folder. You will receive a notification whenever someone uploads a file.

Receiving a file request

When a recipient clicks the request link you send them, they will see this:

File request message to recipient in OneDrive

  1. Click Select files and browse to a file to upload.
  2. Click Add more files to add additional files.
    Uploading files to a file request folder in OneDrive
  3. Fill out First name and Last name if not you are not logged in. (If signed into Office 365, the uploader identity will be automatically recorded.)
  4. Click Upload.
    Successfully uploaded a file to a file request folder in OneDrive

Managing Access

If you want to stop requesting files, you can delete the file request link.

  1. In OneDrive, select your file request folder.
  2. Click the […] menu.
    Manage access to a file request folder in OneDrive
  3. Click Manage Access.
  4. Click the […] menu next to the request link in the Links Giving Access
    Remote a file request link in OneDrive
  5. Click the X.
    Remove a file request link in OneDrive
  6. Click Delete link.

If you need to start requesting files again, just create a new file request using the steps under Requesting Files again.

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