Adding Tasks in Outlook

By January 2, 2017Tech Tip

Need to remind yourself of what to do? You could keep a to-do list on paper at your desk, or in a spreadsheet. But in Outlook, you can easily create powerful Tasks. You can keep a lot of powerful, trackable information about your tasks. And by adding Tasks in Outlook, you’ll keep a record of what you’ve done.

Adding Tasks

  1. Click New Items > Task on the Ribbon.
  2. Give your Task a Subject.
  3. If you have Start and Due Dates, add them.
  4. You can use Status, Priority, and % Complete to record more information about this Task.
  5. Need a reminder? Selection the “Reminder” checkbox and choose a date.
  6. When you are done, click Save & Close.

Viewing Your Tasks

Can’t see your Tasks once you’ve added them?

  1. Go to the View
  2. Under Layout on the Ribbon, click the down arrow under To-Do Bar.
  3. Make sure “Tasks” is selected.

Adding Tasks in Outlook

Updating Your Tasks

If you want to update Tasks, you can right-click them in the To-Do Bar and choose from the menu. For more options and to open the Task, double-click it.

Note: Tasks are not the same as the to-dos created by flagging messages. Tasks will appear above the list of “follow-ups” for flagged messages in the To-Do Bar.